Roger Roessler

Some of my favorite Pinots from California come from Roessler Cellars. Roger Roessler brought his wonderful wines to the sands of South Beach for the annual wine festival. In the interview you will hear the ocean breezes and the surf crashing in while Roger and I chat about his wines.

From Roessler Cellars:

Roessler Cellars began in 2000 when long-time restaurateur Roger Roessler and experienced winemaker Richard Roessler merged talents to produce our first vintage of Pinot Noir. Inspired by a winemaking friend to “buy a few grapes” and “make a little wine,” the brothers sourced Sonoma grapes from the celebrated grape-growers, the Sangiacomo family. Over the years, we added new vineyards to our portfolio and grew from 225 cases of the original Sangiacomo fruit, to over 7,000 cases of 17 single-vineyard and appellation designated Pinots and 4 single-vineyard Chardonnays. The simple idea to “buy a few grapes” and “make a little wine” snowballed into the creation of a truly diverse and quality-focused enterprise. The map of Roessler Cellars’ select growers stretches from the Santa Rita Hills of Santa Barbara to northern Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Though our label’s wide assortment of vineyards reflects our passion and commitment to the Pinot and Chardonnay varietals, our company was born out of a gamble.

Sandra Tavares da Silva, winemaker of Portugal

After getting her Masters degree in oenology in Milan, Italy, Sandra moved to Porto in 1999 and became winemaker at Vale Dona Maria and that same year was asked to join her parents at the family winery Quinta de Chocapalha in the Estremadura region of southern Portugal. Also in that same year she met her future husband and winemaking partner Jorge Serodio Borges. I interviewed Sandra at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida.

Maurico Lorca

Mauricio Lorca is a new Rock Star winemaker in Argentina. He is the winemaker at Enrique Foster Bodega in Mendoza, and makes only malbec. Well talk about those wines.

Butch Milbrandt, Washington State Wines

For years Butch Milbrandt sold his grapes to other famous wineries in Washington. Now he makes his own wines in addition to growing for other wineries. The wines are getting great ratings. I interviewed Butch at Irish Times in South Miami, Florida.

Laurent Drouhin of Burgundy

The Drouhin family is one of the most well-known in the Burgundian region of France and Laurent is the latest member of the family to jump into the wine business. He has some exciting things to tell us.

Right: Laurent Drouhin of the famous Burgundian family.

Robert Hay, New Zealand wines

Robert Hay and his Fiat

Robert Hay came to Miamis Conrad Hotel to show off his Queenstown, New Zealand wines. Youll find out he makes a Sauvignon Blanc that I really like. His Pinot Noir will also take center stage at any tasting.

Right: Robert Hay, owner and Manager of Chard Farm and Rabbit Ranch in New Zealand, with his 1939 Fiat.

Gary Sitton, Blackstone Vineyards

Gary Sitton, winemaker for Blackstone Vineyards, has recently introduced a reserve line of wines that I find to be outstanding for the money. The Pinot Noir is especially a great surprise. The Chardonnay will also make you sit up and take notice.


Enrico Santini, Wine of Tuscany

Enrico is one of the most famous winemakers in Bolgheri, in Tuscany. His wines are big, bold and elegant. They compliment your favorite Italian foods.


Clare Luce Abbey

Clare Luce Abbey interviewed by Henry at Cefalo’s in Miami.