Hosted Tasting

Henry will lead your guests through a tasting of 6 different wines. They can be all of the same varietal, several different varietals, or can be the same varietal from different areas of the world.

Platters of meat and cheese will be on each table and Henry will explain why the particular cheeses and meats were chosen. Tasting sheets will be given each guest and they will rate each wine on a 10-point scale. All scores will be totaled and each wine will have a final rating.

The event is meant to replace the cocktail hour of any party you may have at your home, office or event space.

In addition, Henry is available, by appointment, to help you select the wines for any other events or occasions and suggest meats and cheeses for those events.

I look forward to continuing to be your wine guy.

These prices apply to South Florida only. If you wish me to host an event in your area contact me at

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