Meet Henry

Miami native Henry Barrow began his career as a jazz trumpet player. He then went to work as a weekend television news anchor at Channel 10, before joining WIOD radio in 1964 as the morning news anchor and sportscaster. When the Dolphins came to Miami in 1964, Henry was the first broadcaster selected for the Dolphins Radio Network. He remained in that position for the next 20 years, broadcasting all of their Super Bowls, including the perfect season, and the longest game in pro football history.

He retired from radio in 1999 to go into the wine business at Gardner’s Markets in South Florida, a chain of gourmet markets with complete wine shops. He left that position in July of 2006 to help set up Cefalo’s Wine Cellar in the Grove and serve as its wine director. After two years at Cefalo’s, he retired from retail to begin his own business as a Wine Educator. Henry is also a pioneer podcaster and has hosted a radio feature called “Talking About Wine”, which began in 1970 as “Wine at Nine”. That wine feature lasted until his retirement from broadcasting. Henry also spent several years on the tasting panel of The Wine News magazine and wrote features on food and wine for the magazine. He has also been a contributor to South Florida Gourmet when it was a monthly tabloid. He has also served as a judge at wine tasting events.

Henry was one of the first to tout the beauty of Oregon pinot noir and has visited many of the great wineries in that state. He has also toured many of the great wine producing areas of the world, the latest being Chile. One of his favorite pastimes is serving as the Master of Ceremonies for the Greater Miami Symphonic Band.

Henry’s interest in wine was sparked when he met most of the legendary California winemakers in the late 60’s while in Northern California to broadcast a Dolphins-Raiders game in Oakland.

Henry is a member of Iron Arrow, the highest honorary at the University of Miami, his alma mater. He and his wife Sandy reside in South Miami.

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