An education class that feels like a party. Six wines will be tasted at each class. There will also be a selection of meats and cheeses that compliment the wines.

Henry will supply a booklet that gives the history of the grape, where it grows best, why it grows best in those areas and what foods and cheeses go best with that particular wine.

In most cases there will be three different white wines and three different red wines. Those wines will be chosen by the client after consultation with Henry.

Dump buckets will be provided in case people wish to spit or dump wine after tasting.

Guests will rate the wines they taste on a 10-point scale and we will find out the group rating at the end of the event, which is intended to replace the cocktail hour of your dinner or party.

These prices apply to South Florida only. If you wish me to host an event in your area contact me at

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